Friday, 8 February 2008

Shredding Memories

I'm a woman on a mission!!  
I seem to have been hoarding paperwork!   I reckon I'm going to need a bumper roll of bin liners for when I start the shredding of my little accumulation.   I've got LOADS of the stuff..boxes of name it, I have it....course work from exams, old documents, paperwork from previous properties. did it come to this?  LOL 

Don't know what's worse....the sorting out into shred and keep (therefore HAVE to sort out) piles or the actual shredding.  Shall have to get my little assistant to help:O))   Hope the shredder doesn't blow up, like the last one did!   Anyway, the thought of all that extra cupboard/shelf/behind the sofa/under the bed/in the wardrobe space is keeping me going! lol

I found this in some of my old college stuff..  A poem I wrote.  Think it was about the time when the two little school girls from Surrey were murdered by the school caretaker.  I shall bore you now!!


He sits alone in his dark, grey cell.
He has no-one to talk to in this living hell.
His days are numbered, the end is in sight
for soon he will face his Maker's might.

What possessed him to commit such a callous crime
on a girl of eleven, nearing her teenage prime?
Her parents are broken, they can never smile
for he murdered their baby - vile Paedophile!

Sweet, blonde little girl, had her Mother's nose.
Incessant chatter, sweet little innocent Rose.
Why did he take her, this evil beast?
To satisfy his pleasure, with a sexual feast.

So...what punishment befits this crime?
Man of thirty, mental age of nine.
The people are angry, with his blood he should pay
for the twisted, sordid act carried out that day.

No other child of innocence should perish by such hand,
their lives should be so happy, free of fear in this great land.
And as he takes his last walk, this evil, filthy "gent",
his Mother sheds her tears for her own Little Innocent.

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