Saturday, 23 February 2008

New Life and Silicone Bakeware

Bit of a long, varied post......sorry.

Junior with one of the kitties...not Cupcake, by the way...she's WAY tinier!

Our new babies have arrived. 

Meg is the proud mum of five tiny little black kittens.....three girls two boys...already named by Junior:O))  who is trying her damndest to try and persuade me to keep each and every one of them....tempting though it is but we can't...maybe one...who she has named Cupcake...she is the runt of the litter...really very tiny!  

Needless to say, Meg is having no more...enough..she had a tough time..pity she "escaped" in the first place but the deed is done, so to speak.  She started 10pm Thursday night and the last one was born at 6am the following morning.  Junior stayed awake until 3am then she conked out.  Woke again at 5am to the sound of little kitties miaowing for Mum.  So, we were all pretty pooped the next day.  Still, it was a lesson in life and biology.  Junior now knows alot about pregnancy and birth.   But, no more. Anyhow, I am REALLY proud of Junior, who is taking much of the responsibility of feeding and watering Meg and generally looking after the new arrivals.

Megan and her babies...Cupcake, Ruby, Bijou, Garfield and Stuart!

Here's what I bought tea towels..seeing as most of our others were used as midwife aids the other night:O))    I finally found some reasonably priced silicone bakeware, too. So guess what we're doing tomorrow:O)

Gratuitous shot of Spooky.  Her favourite resting spot is on the stairs:O)  She is the most vocal of the cats.  She's VERY loud and doesn't's more of a "wee-ahh" ...on repeat!

Received a free CD rom from the Vegan Society. They are usually dispatched free of charge to schools but home edders are eligible for one, too. Just e-mail them for a copy. It covers a host of subjects, including geography, religion, food technology, English, General Studies, Citizenship, etc. Looks good. Just think of it this can't do any harm to know about these things, even if you are committed (and you ought to be...sorry ..sick joke!!) meat eaters. `ok. Can think of at least one person who is going to give me jip about that last comment......but I can cope...'cos I weigh more!!! lol

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