Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tins of beans and treats

Been busy with maths and writing practice. Junior is now practising her signature...in English and Ukrainian! This has been a hoot for Mother as I have, apparently, forgotten much re the joys of writing in the old cyrillic..and she's loving having to tell me! Apparently, I don't know my b's from my v's!

Tomorrow or some time this week, we aim to do some science experiments ...without blowing anyone up, hopefully:O)

Mother has started going to this keep fit club. Previously, in the other flat, she had a cycling machine which she used on a daily basis and she swears blind that she felt better for using it. Anyway, just before she moved it decided to conk out. It was an Ebay buy....... and "pah" so much for that!!!....and so she was missing her daily workout....hence her joining this keep fit club. Well, the people who attend ARE elderly..not like my 77 year old mother (..who is "not kaput from the neck down"..as she puts it). Tomorrow is the keep fit club day and she will be using weights this time (probably tins of baked beans). Wonder how she'll feel after that? lol

Son no 2 phoned me today to tell me what sex his baby is (he and other half had been for their scan). Have to say.......I WAS RIGHT!!!!!! He and his other half have picked lovely names for the little one. Can't actually believe that I'm actually going to be a granny!! Eeeek and Ooooo!! Might do a family tree with Junior. I know she'll like that.

Preggy Meggy still hasn't popped, although she is taking a shine to any drawer that remains open:O) Junior has spoiled the animal, again...such is her kind heart. Cat treats and kitten milk went into the shopping basket today...again. She would've had no spending money left...so I paid instead. Well, she is guaranteed one hell of a biology lesson..plus a decision making one when the kittens go to their new homes.

We watched Summerhill. Enjoyed thoroughly. Torchwood tomorrow!! yay!

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