Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Spinning Around

We had an earthquake early this morning..apparently!! Epicentre was nearly 60 miles away and measured 5.2.

I woke up about 1am ish thinking that I'd dreamed hearing a large bang of house collapsing volume. Got up to see if our pesky cats were partying, again and knocking stuff over only to feel the earth move under my feet. "By God" I though to myself.."I only had one glass of wine last night!!" I went back to bed thinking I'd dreamed it all. Turned over and there was Junior curled up beside me:O) It must have woken her up and caused her to seek refuge in mother's bed:O) She can't remember and reckons she was sleepwalking, but it's a bit of a coincidence.

Anyway, tonight...Stressed out of Hill Billy Land...aka Junior is in with me, again. She's worried incase we have another earthquake. Soooooo, explained about plate tectonics, again and that we don't live in an earthquake hot spot. Tomorrow shall do a proper job as I'm too bleary eyed due to this disturbed sleep!! She hasn't been herself today. Off her food and quieter than normal, 'cos of all this.

Today we went to our local home ed group. Spinning lessons were on hand and Junior had a great time. Couldn't get her off and it seems that she's a bit of a natural. So, shall have to get our wheel in action once we get some fleece to work with. And afterwards the kids at the group played a tag game called Horatio. There'd be over 20 kids there of all ages, ranging from 3 to 13 and it made you smile to see them having such a great time together....all in bossiness or bullying. All mates together, irrespective of age. Was sweet.

I made the chilli jelly. If anyone decides to make this then, when you are at the last stage of cooking, ie; after the sugar has been added and you are stirring to get a set...don't take any scum off until the end of cooking time. I had scum appearing within 15 mins and I scraped it off straight away. Unfortunately, the chilli didn't have enough time to infuse so the jelly I've ended up with isn't hot enough for my liking, so be warned. Otherwise, it's ok. A good way to use up apples. I had it on toast and 'twas nice. Maybe next time I won't put in as much sugar.

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