Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Occupational hazard of living with five cats? ..............coming downstairs in a morning and finding  dead mouse on your living room floor!!     Eeeeeeew!!  Happened this morning.....had the complimentary, spine-tingling, send you deaf SCREAM from Junior.  Fred n wilma nearly fell of their perches.   Poor mousey has been laid to rest..away from prying paws.   The mogs were due to be wormed this week.  Good job, too.   It's a pity that the cats hunt and kill.  I know, I's nature and all that.  At the other house the now elderly Spooky and Muppet used to bring all sorts back.  Apart from rodents and birds, there were often deceased dragonflies laid out at the top of the garden, by the wisteria.  Once found a dead bat:O((  Muppet's still at it and around the garage (way away from the house) there are often various "leftover" bits laid out.  Yuk.
Today we are, wellie-adorned, off up to the allotment to survey the weather damage.  My windbreak netting has been blown down, as have some of the posts.   Hopefully, we should be able to dig over some land in preparation for planting.  We covered up these bits of grass and weeds with natural carpets and sheeting.  Fingers crossed they've done the job.  Some of the plots there are amazingly pristine...well, they are virtually ploughed fields...everything living has been weedkillered out.  I just think they look......sterile, bare..yuk.   On the other hand, bet their owners are shaking their heads in despair at the sight of mine.  Never mind...they'll get over it:O)) 

Been doing a bit of French..just teaching her a few bits at a time..and geography.. countries
with the capital cities of the world  and their native languages.   The caligraphy pen is great for this.  Junior has done some work and her writing is really lovely when she puts her mind to it.  
Been watching Roar. Great prog about animals.  V educational.  J loves do I.   They had some rescued tortoises on who live in harmony with some zebra mice.  Very sweet.   Pity that animals have to be rescued and kept in captivity.  There was a pregnant Rothschild giraffe on.  There are only 300 in the wild!   How sad is that? 

Tommorow, we are on a mission to find some gluten flour.  Day trip out on the bus job:O)  Then, we can get going with making seitan and a chickpea burger recipe see Tropical Vegan

Yippeee!!!  I managed to do a link:O)  HA!!    This old bird's still got it!!! :O))) to sort out font size.  Due to knackered eyesight size DOES matter!  LOL 


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