Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Busy Background

Just to say sorry about the "busy" background and if it does your eyes in. 

Son no 2 has been avisiting and has been trying to help his old mother make the blog look a little more, erm, funky........should have seen what he tried to get me to put up.....eeeeeew (not a fan of skull stuff!) lol  Anyway, shall try to put something a little easier on the eyes on...not that I don't like frogs (I do!)

Still can't figure out the linky thing in body of the blog.  How DO you do that on a Mac?  Pc boy can't figure it out.  Wonder if his big brother, who is avisiting next week, can?  We shall see.

We actually made pancakes today....drizzled with maple syrup.  yum


Theresa said...

Good luck with all the make overs! Sometimes getting help is a godsend, other times, you end up with skulls as your blog background!!

I can't help with the mac question, but here's hoping your son sorts it out for you :)

Minnie said...

Ta! I did manage to suss out the link thingy!! Yay!!

Shall try the Turkish bread and chickpea burger recipes asap.

Nacho looks really happy:O)) So cute.