Friday, 29 February 2008

Eco Sea Shells and Salami

Today, I fitted a toilet seat.

We've only been in this place for two years...and yet we are on our third loo seat!! What can I say?....we're busy in that department!! lol

My sister goes through washing machines, three piece suites and hoovers at the same pace. My older brother, however, is your regular, typical eco-man. He saves EVERYTHING!! His place is wall to wall saved things:O)) Things that others chuck out he sees a use for and takes in. So why do people make fun of him? So what if he builds a dog kennel in his front room from second hand, recycled wood for a friend who cannot do such things and has a working dog who needs more shelter than an upturned water barrell? He is a sort of hero in my books, me thinks:O) Helping to protect an animal and the environment is mega in my book. I have a couple of cat kennels in the garden so the mogs have a bolt hole/hidey hole if they need it...all from recycled stuff

Today, my Mother returned from her holiday and came back with pressies for of which is a bag of sea shells. Well, Mother thought Junior would want to stick them on things, like picture frames. Oh no...not Junior. She just loves the touchy-feely precious aspect of them and is going to keep them in a bowl and not glued to some object. She cannot keep her hands off them and is going to suss out what each shell is. Good project, me thinks. She also had some seaside rock candy brought back for her and is quite keen on making her own. Such joy for me on that one, then!!!

Mother also brought back a rather large link of salami for Junior (she is not quite veggie yet!) Well, we had been out of the house for 7 hours so we had to attend to feeding the cats and poochies. So, Junior is upstairs feeding the mogs and I am trying to sort out everything else. Phone goes, Min is otherwise engaged. Off the phone...and what do I find..but that poochies had made their point, snucked their noses in bags and nicked off with the expensive piece of salami!! £8 worth!! Just don't tell my mother but I reckon they deserved it!!!


Jax said...

just come over from Gill's blog and wondered if you realised your reading level badge has an advert in it? Please ignore me if you know/ don't care!

Minnie said...

No, I didn't realise, but I've got shut of it now. Thanks:O))