Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I am Definitely NOT hearing things!!! Eeeek!!

Second post today.  but
Junior is on a sleepover at Bestest Mates house tonight.  She loves it there.  

Soooooo, peace and quiet and time to relax time for moi in the Min household?   oooo, yes.  Me poochies, mogs and Fred n Wilma.    Did lots of things like..normal chores, walk pooches, shopping, tidy up, mooch on internet, etc. Olive has been strangely clingy tonight! 

So, it gets to about 8.45pm ish.  I'm sat by iMac...perusing the web.  Suddenly, big racket...of metal wind chimes at the back door.   They are fixed so that if anyone opens the back door that they'll then chime.   It's a tip from my Magical Houshold I know if "naughty spirits" are trying to get in.  (Don't bloody laugh... this is SERIOUS!!!)  There's no way you can open the back door without making them chime.  These are not itsy little things.  They are big bloody things..proper clangers.....and they chimed on their own help from door, man, beast or wind!!    Arghhhhh!!!!  Anyway, goes to loo, like you do in these situations.  While on loo Son no 1 rings (he's a regular type of fellow....9pm on the dot....coincides with walking his dog...says it's the only time he can talk to me without interruptions:O)  Bless xx   

So, I tells him, eventually, of what has happened. You can hear the silent "sigh".  He puts it down to mother losing her marbles.  Anyway, I reasons with him and states that I know for a fact that he would be off like a shot, woooing out of that front door if it happened to him.  He has no reasonable explanation and, I suspect, still thinks his mother IS losing her marbles, 'cos he was not here to witnesss said chiming. Well, my eyesight might be a bit suspect but the hearing is still A OK!!  
So, guess me and the animals are sleeping with the lights on tonight!!   Gulp!!

I know...I'm a wuss!

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