Friday, 18 January 2008

Keeping Warm and Supple

Junior hasn't been feeling too well for the last few days and has had belly whack....which translated from Yorkshire means tummy ache. She's been a frequent visitor to the loo, too, so it would seem that she has caught this bug that's doing the rounds. Plus, it's been wet and cold and generally horrible weather-wise. So, today we had a making comfort food day and made some veg soup, which daughter enjoyed. Managed to find my stick blender so we could have a smooth veg soup, per her request. I'm glad now that I couldn't find it a few months back when I was soap making:O) (using a stick blender helps hurry along the trace when you are soap making....saves lots of stirring by hand!!) Took me days to get the previously burned rice pud off the slow cooker!! Won't do that again, will I?

Slow cooker with our yummy homemade soup.

Some of the crocheted gifts I made for Crimble. Junior has put in a request for a bag and purse, so I'm on with that now:O) Mother has also asked me to crochet her a bedside mat in this really funky wool, which is only 49p a ball (Home Bargains, of course). Will post a piccie up when I'm done.

This was just before Crimble, I think. The young mogs found my bed (complete with additional blankets as it was really COLD at the time.

Tomorrow we're going on another shopping day out with Mother. She seems to be on a mission at the moment to visit every single market town in hill billy land before she departs this world!! Junior just LOVES shopping as does Mother. They're a good match in that respect. I can never get out of it though. I have plenty of things to do at home of course and I hate it when I've nothing to spend. Window shopping has lost its appeal to me but, I feel duty bound to go and keep my eye on these two little tinkers so they don't overspend, so I'll be tagging on, even with dodgy knee:O) I know exactly where these two will end up:O) Come to think of it, I do need some decent face moisturiser before my skin morphs into something reptile-like. Can't find a decent one at the mo. It needs to be inexpensive and not tested on animals. Does anyone out there know of one? Maybe I should do a Liz Earle and make my own!! (hers are lovely but too expensive for me) Something else for the business empire..Min's Moisturiser:O) lol

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