Saturday, 19 January 2008


I never learn. If I had a webcam then you would be greeted by steam......from my feet!!

Don't ever go shopping with my shopaholic daughter..... and mother who ought to know better...that's if you want to walk again!! Those two are serious shopping party animals:O) I am so pooped that I am not walking...I'm waddling! I wore comfy, flat boots, too!!

The plan was for Mother to catch the bus at her stop, 10.45am, and us to get on at ours, at 10.46am further up the route...which is a mile or so up the road - which shows you how fast the buses around here go!! The bus would then proceed, via lovely hill billy countryside, to latest hill billy market town on the list to visit. The day started with us hearing the bus to "latest hill billy market town on the list" approaching. Unfortunately, we were nowhere near the bus stop. (I did swear a bit at this point) Now, this scenario would stress out your normal "I'm on a bus and I don't know where I'm going 'cos useless daughter has missed it". But, oh no.....not my mother......she's made it through Stalin and the Blitz, so a little hiccup like this is nothing....... Bless her heart and I don't know how she did it but...she made the bus driver wait for us. What she threatened him with I have no Idea, but he was very nice to me:O). Once I'd stopped turning blue from running up that hill, regained my senses, I asked if he was early or was I late? Bit of a stupid question, really.

Anyway, Supergran was mightly pleased with herself as we whizzed through the countryside. We got one back, though 'cos we (I) had bought a heart locket key fob the previous day which had "Loving Grandmother" embellished on the front. Junior dutifully presented it to her Gran on the bus, who promptly burst into tears..the old softie. It went straight on her house keys and she said that she would put Junior's picture in it only, 'cos she's the one who loves and looks after her gran:O) She treated us to dinner at BHS and we then "attacked" the town. Have to say, with some pride I might add, that Mother is a trendy old bird...considering her age.

She wants a mobile phone...'cos "If other old buggers can use one, then so can I!!" Sooooo, we visited EVERY mobile phone shop there (Junior and I "oo'ed and aah'd over the new iPhone..and we WANT ONE!!) Supergran couldn't find one she liked. She wants one that has big buttons, to cope with her big fingers! Think her mind is still in the days when mobiles were the size of house bricks. Anyway, we'll work on it and will, no doubt I'm sure, find one that meets her standards:O)

Then, we proceeded to visit all manner of places...M&S of course, Primark, trendy boutiques, etc. Junior had lots of bags to carry:O) - Gran treated her. I said I wanted to go to Waterstones...(craft books). Well, found lots of lovely crochet books. With Mother peering over my shoulder and tut tutting at the prices, I didn't buy any. Not worth the lecture. Might slip back later and buy one that caught my eye later this month. She did, of course, buy Junior a Horrid Henry book for £4.99 which Junior will, I'm sure, have read by tomorrow. There must be a cheaper outlet for these things somewhere. Someone enlighten me please:O)) Daughter (9) is doing so well at reading and all that that she'll end up doing her A level soon I'm sure....if she wants to.

So, shopping expedition over and having waddled off the bus, waved Mother on, Junior and I did the lottery and are home. No time to put feet up, though. Animals to fuss and feed. When you tend to rush off in a morning, animals sometimes get the hump on that you are going out without them and tend to deposit the contents of the world from their rears in your back yard, instead of on their there is that to see to:O( Actually, the pets have nothing to moan about as they were well catered for in the treats department, thanks to Junior, again:O) She buys these little treats for the mogs, which they love and she has actually trained Meg and Popeye to sit! Olive, of course, is having non of it!

My knee is still knackered and I'm trying to figure out how I'll get to lounge on my expensive slub sofa this evening without inflicting unnecessary pain on myself. Maybe if I get her to read up on the Egyptians again, Junior can construct some sort of pulley system to lower her old Ma onto the sofa, painfree of course:O) In my dreams I think!!

Anyway, nite nite all. xxx

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