Thursday, 17 January 2008


Talk about three wheels on my wagon!! Shopping trolley is giving up as one of the wheels keeps trying to escape. So, been to a hardware store to try and get some nuts to sort out the problem. Shopping trolleys are trendy now:O) Helps the car..only use public transport instead. Pity the public transport costs are so extortionate:O( Anyway, was funny. Junior was rolling about on the floor in Wilkos...trying to fit a nut onto the wheel. Eventually, we found a size that fits so trolley lives on!!! yay.

Junior seems intent on spending her pocket money on cat sigh..... Does her maths good, though:O)))))

We waddled on to Home Bargains (my knee is still giving me unwarranted jip!!!) They were selling Jamie Oliver's Artichoke Pasta Sauce at a knock off price. I grabbed a jar out of curiosity, as I've never had artichoke before ...but it was blooming lovely. So, be warned....get your supplies in 'cos I'm off down there tomorrow to buy a big stash of it. It was delish:O) And, I've finally tracked down a firm that sells gluten flour, so I can attempt to make seitan. They are virtually on my doorstep, too. Yippee!!!! Such joy.

We were gifted a really good science book for Crimble, by Son no 1 and his other half. It's a bit advanced for Junior but jolly good just the same. Shall be doing a few experiments this week. Junior has started writing a diary of sorts, so we are on the hunt for an appropriate one for her to log her thoughts into (needs to be huge as she tends to waffle on:O) I never did write such things when I was younger as I never thought of it, although I wish I had now. She is way cleverer/brighter than I was at that age. it's the home edding. I'm sure. Let them think for themselves.

On an evening, when I go check on Junior, I have been finding her sound asleep....with opened book on her face. Bless. She says that she manages to read a few pages and then...wham....she's asleep. Reminds me of my chemistry revision of years gone by ( I REALLY wanted to understand it properly:O)) ..but I ALWAYS fell asleep reading the workbook. sigh.....

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