Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Vegan meals and gadgets

One of our New Year's resolutions was to make more use of our gadgets!! It's kitchen gadgets I'm on about here and it's amazing how many you can accumulate and swiftly stick in a cupboard...unused!!

The last "gadget" I bought was a slow cooker. Slow cookers are great if you eat meat so you can stew and casserole to your hearts content, but there aren't that many vego/vegan recipes I know of that use a slow cooker..hence....why did I buy the thing? Doh!! I can't find any recipes out there that take my fancy but 'tis no surprise really as I am special needs when it comes to googling! Sooooooo, anyway.. ever resourceful, bright spark here decided to make rice pudding said slow cooker. Had visions of nice, warming, creamy rice pud for me and Junior. Well, hey ho...funny how things never pan out 'cos after a few hours of rice pud bubbling away and smelling yummy.... I still managed to burn it..even in a slow cooker!! One minute all was well and the next there was that familiar burning smell. Shiny new slow cooker is currently being "soaked" to get the crunchy, burnt bits off. sigh.......

We did make pasta this week, though...using the food processer and pasta machines gifted to us by Mother. We made tagliatelle, Junior and I. Was very nice. Next time I'll make it a tad thinner than the 1cm thick, somewhat chewy strips we had this time. Must remember to take photos of these culinary delights:O) Anyway, I'm safe in the knowledge that my daughter knows how to make rice pud and pasta:O)

Upmarket juicer and smoothie maker will probably make it out of the cupboard, too. I am cringing at the thought of some of the recipes I know Junior has stored for these. Bet she feels the same, too as she's not a fan of my apple, celery, carrot and ginger juice...but it's wonderful for the liver:O) Say no more!

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