Thursday, 24 January 2008

In search of lurrve, peace and sleep!!

Olive is still trying to escape to find kitty lurve. We have been reduced to barricading the back door to prevent our wily mog from disappearing into the night!! She's very vocal and attention-seeking at the mo, which is driving me nuts! Keeps my mind off other things I suppose. Anyway, to preserve my sanity she is currently living at my pleasure in the cat carrier. That's shut her up....for a while. Anyway, this cat in season thing is mighty embarassing. Came upstairs this morning to find Pop trying to "oblige" Olive....on my bedroom windowsill....which is at the front of the house...and in full view of the "early, off to work" neighbours who couldn't have missed the show!!

Never mind the computer...where's my food?

Let me out!!

Don't you think I'm adorable?

Popeye has decided to play up tonight, too. I want/need to sleep, but have my usual bout of insomnia and he decides he wants to play...loudly. Can see that if this carries on and he encourages my sleep deprivation, then he'll be the recipient of a "kick up the nuts". As it is, I chucked him outside to cool off and that seems to have worked, 'cos he's curled up on Junior's new bed:O) All is calm:O)

Tried to order several books off Amazon today, including home ed stuff and have been kerfaffled by their ordering system. It says you can pay by cheque or p/o, which is what I want to do...but you can only have that pleasure if you buy the books from not from the other sellers.,,ie; the more expensive prices. Doesn't mention that in the Types of Payment that from them when I emailed about the problem. Hmmph....not best pleased at that!!! Living minus credit/debit card is really hard nowadays....but we soldier on:O)

Junior has all but finished her Horrid Henry and we're about to start reading White Teeth together..a book we "won" from Lucy at by other means. (sorry, still haven't figured out how to do the linky thing). She's got a couple of books on the go at the same time, for some reason, which I suppose is a need for variety thing:O) We're still doing the totally autonomous bit and daughter has been making the most of her computer games. (we've dumped the tv usage). Sims is her fave at the mo and she's figuring out loads of stuff. I'm quite impressed. She's also decided to press on with her joined up writing. We have notes ALL OVER THE PLACE. Still, I'm not complaining. We all learn in our own way. We still have to find a suitable diary for her daily ramblings and aim to get that this week. I asked whether she wanted to learn another language in addition to her Ukrainian...and she has gone for French for some reason. I thought she might have gone for something more exotic but French it is. This is one of the book/cd sets we attempted to order off Amazon. Think it might be Chinese next!!

Managed to watch Torchwood on the BBCplayer thing. Yippee for computers!!!

House is upside down, due to musical furniture time, again. Junior's new double bed has arrived. Mother bribed the blokes who delivered her new bed to bring the double up here!! Don't know how she does it, but I suspect it's something to do with crossing one's palm with silver:O) Well, it sits neatly in our lounge at the mo!! Why? We are awaiting the arrival of two, strong, male family members to help shift it upstairs and several other pieces of furniture downstairs and off and out to live in the garage. Normally, Junior and I would manage all this easy peasy...but dodgy knee has put paid to that at the mo. Until then, the bed has been made up and my little Sleeping Beauty is snoring away as I type. Lucky thing!!!


Gill said...

I watched it on the iplayer thing too! Have never used it before & was very impressed.

Minnie said...

Yes, it's good. Junior'll be happy, 'cos she'll be able to watch Eastbenders. She'd be even happier if she could get to watch Hollyoaks, too, but she can go to Gran's for that.

dawny said...

we watched it on 'normal' tv - poor woman I felt really sorry for her.
the sock idea's cool :o)