Monday, 21 January 2008


Found out in the last few weeks that one of my godparents..the one I adored to bits the most as a child... has died.

Ever had that "I am alone" feeling? All my godparents are now in Heaven. That means, from my childhood, there is only my mother and two other favourite "grown ups" left alive..and one of these can't speak or function normally because of a stroke:O( Makes me sad. I miss all these departed peoples' banter and niceness..and protective love. Must be the child in me. Now they need looking after grown up me. Time for a trip up North me thinks, to "catch up", before it's too late.


Gill said...

So sorry to hear this news :-(

Minnie said...

Ta. The emptiness gets me every time someone close goes and this godparent died time to say goodbye and all that. Wish I could do a Doctor Who and travel back in time to hear them all nattering again:O)