Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Back in the land of the living

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Been busy over the holiday period..with one thing and another. Have to say... I could live in the middle of nowhere without tv, cars, etc but being without internet is a bummer.

Santa managed to find our house and daughter was well and truly spoiled on the Bratz and crafting front. He did also thoughtfully give her a pink guitar so she doesn't have to use mine, so we now each plink away on our respective instruments:O) Don't think we'll be making records yet or anything, though!! I was lucky enough to get a few books that I wanted...one being the 200 Ripple Patterns which I have read from cover to cover:O)

Anyhow, on the family front...all being well I should be a granny some time in May:O) I've been doing my best to resist the temptation of buying for babe...but some of the stuff you can buy is SO CUTE and I feel a lapse coming on:O))) I will, of course, endeavour to make a mini ripple blanket for the new arrival.

Junior, however, is looking forward to the impending arrival of........ a double bed - courtesy of her gran (who is downsizing to a three-quarter size and has gifted her big bed to her favourite grand daughter), so we are, yet again, on with the musical furniture!! Sigh.....stuff all over the place. One of the pieces of furniture that we've inherited from Mother when she moved is an old-fashioned school desk..complete with inkwell and grafitti. Ironic really, seeing as we home ed. Still, it holds/hides LOADS of her home edding supplies, which is a plus on the "keep things tidy" front, as you tend to get fed up of tripping up over books...'cos we have HUNDREDS!! And, some home edders will relate to this.....It's a REAL pain when you slip on one of the shiny, magazine type books and end up doing the splits!! Ouch!!

Our lightbulbs keep popping!! Does that mean we have spooks? (friendly, of course)

The young mogs have grown and are still partying. Olive has taking to sitting on my shoulder and cleaning my chin!! Popeye is just lovely natured and Megan has taken to catching and killing....leaves!! The number of times Junior has screamed, full pitch, thinking that she's bringing in a dead animal! Sigh.... Anyhow, sod all their Crimble pressies, they have a new toy in the form of....a cat flap!! Son no 1 visited for our Uki Crimble and definitely felt the draught winging its way through the hole in the door that once of an upmarket cat flap..(that his dog, incidentally, broke and ended up wearing as a necklace!) Came home one day from Mother's (sorting out yet more of her stuff) to find the new cat flap installed and in full working order. Yippee!!!

Think I've slightly over-indulged over the festive period as I now look and walk something like a womble:O) I've managed to acquire a dodgy knee too, so just call me Hopalong at the mo:O)) I'm doing my best to shift the excess indulgence, but you try skipping on one leg!! lol

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