Friday, 25 January 2008

The case of the missing sock

Don't know if anyone else has the same problem as me...that being the mystery of the missing sock...or socks? Well, Junior, at anyone time, seems to only have about half a dozen matching pairs.....and about a hundred odd socks, so she's regularly out and about in odd socks..which is a fashion trend in itself. Anyway, fed up of this mullarcky and of keeping them "incase its partner turns up at some point" Junior has come up with a novel way of recycling them. Make them into bracelets/wrist warmers/sweat bands!!

She cut off a bit widthway so you end up with a band, keeping it in one piece and have a bracelet. You could decorate it with beads, buttons, glitter, foam flowers. Endless possibilities. She's cut bits off some of her more fancy odd socks (cut around the fancy logos, hearts, messages, etc and ended up with a wristband that needs nothing else added to it.

Some piccies and, yes, I know they are blurred and crap! Sorry. I know you're not supposed to blame your failings on your instrument, but in this instance I will!!! lol

Plain, thinner wristband

Plain sweatband

Decorated wristband


Gill said...

Great idea! Nice results too :-) I turned something into a hair scrunchy a while back.. oh I know, it was a bit of a pair of bright pink wooly tights that were being turned into leggings. I got a bit of the ankles! That's about as creative as I get these days..!

dottyspots said...

Thanks for the comment :0) I've been a bit distracted of late, but your comment reminded me of the recipe so I've sent it to your yahoo addy (plus an extra treat). It's dairy and gluten-free but does list eggs - so you'll need to use an egg replacer for that. The xanthan gum is really useful in gluten-free baking. It might be worth experimenting with a bit extra baking powder as 4 eggs is rather a lot to replace and I'm not sure if egg replacer is quite up to that job :)