Friday, 14 December 2007

Maths and Pressies

We have a little more room...not much..but we are slowly sorting mother's stuff out. Good job, too 'cos I found some jewellery in amongst her tapestry wool which she no doubt would have never got around to doing and so could have ended up anywhere!! All this has been making me very tired, plus the cold nights.. I can never sleep well when I'm cold. So, I've been crocheting Crimble own design, too. Ta Ra!! Can't post the pics 'cos then the surprise'll be out!! Maybe put them up after Crimble.

We ventured out to get a few bits and Junior, bless her great big heart, has bought the pets their pressies with her own money. Plus co-ordinating wrapping paper. I know...I know!! :O) She's been whispering about where to wrap them, so the pets don't find out as, according to her, "you never really know if they understand English, do you? And it wouldn't be a surprise then" sigh...such a kind heart.

She's been doing some maths, of her own accord, every day. Takes a little handbook and pencil with her everywhere!! This is all her own doing and idea...nothing forced from me:O) She made a super wrap-around-card yesterday...very creative. It's really good and I'll have to put a pic up when she's finished it properly and I think I may put some orders in, too. Maybe we'll get this business empire up and running soon:O))

Been trying to find canned pumpkin puree for a vegan pumpkin pie, of course:O) (I know...I'm a bit slow....Halloween was ages Just fancied making one. Well, can't find pureed pumpkin anywhere..not even Tescos. I know you can get cravings when you're pregnant....but can you get them when you're peri-menopausal, 'cos I definitely have one? lol Just my luck, eh?

The young mogs.....well, they've been venturing outside. They go scooting out of the hole that once was a cat flap at a rate of knots and whizz around the garden like a bunch of mentals!! The other day I happened to look out and found Olive swinging from a 30 foot fir tree!! You could almost hear the "Weeeeeeeeeeeee!" I had visions of having to call out the Fire Brigade if she got stuck, but she just seemed to, er, let go. The mogs like being tucked in on a night, though...with these really cold, frosty nights we've been getting...little wimps!! lol

Remember to feed and water the birds:O))


Raquel said...

my eldest used to buy the cat presents but now she is all teenage it's gone out the window. Luckily for the cat I have 2 toddlers who have suddenly become cat she is neglected no more! I love how your junior is looking to wrap the pressies away from the pets..the little things that children do just make me smile

Theresa said...

How. freaking. cute. My family dog had her own christmas stocking, but she didn't have to unwrap any gifts. I love that your junior is so kind-hearted.

dawny said...

happy new year to you both.
I hope you're both ok :o) xxx
and your mum, other 2, dogs and cats too xx