Monday, 21 January 2013

What a waste!

It's soooooo cold outside.  I can't get out of the back garden room door into the back garden.  It's all wedged and iced up to oblivion.....and it's bin day tomorrow!  Yikes.  Worse still, it's the bin with all the cat litter that's due to be emptied.  I pay the council extra for this.  My little darlings have been rather prolific in the 'Must go to the toilet department' lately.  It's the cold...makes 'em go!   You know how it is.     So, I am about to embark on the epic task of trying to squeeze the old body out of said garden room, try and find the bin, which is entombed in snow and ice, attempt to open the iced up back garden gate, oik the bin to the front pavement so our heroic bin men can empty it tomorrow....if they can get the lid open, that is!    They've got to turn up first, though.  Wonder if they will?

What to do about mega iced up lid, which is clamped SHUT?     Do I spray the lid seal with de-icer or what?

Will take me a while to don my Arctic gear!  lol

Might be a while....adios. x

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