Saturday, 26 January 2013

Supplies have landed

I managed to find a site where I can buy a wodge of Bicarb of Soda..1kg upwards instead of those little pots you see in the supermarkets.  Yay!  And they sell herbs and spices..most things you can think of actually.  So, I did a 'tester' buy  to suss them out, even though they have good reviews, and this morning received my Bicarb, whole nutmegs, vanilla pods (to be used in the making of my own vanilla put them in vodka and leave!!) and some dandelion root to be used in herbal tea.

I hope the bicarb works.   I can't scrub too well because of the old rickety joints, which is really frustrating, I tell you.  Does my head in.   So, having viewed a tip off Pinterest, I'm gonna mix up a paste and slap it on my electric hob, which is HORRENDOUSLY ingrained with dried up sploshes from cooking.  The oven door could do with it, too.    Too embarassed to do a before and after, but might do if the paste works.  lol

Meanwhile, mega icicles here.  One (the biggest) is hanging from the guttering over our front door!  Yikes.  Might need to knock it before it does someone an injury, but how to get up there?   We are told that a final heavy snow is on its way tonight and then heavy rain....and the big melt.   Sigh....  Might be able to get out of the back door, at last!  lol


dawny said...

hey good luck with the bicarb, let us know if it's a miracle cure cos my oven could do with it if it is xx

Minnie said...

Yep, I will. It's on now! Eeeek.

Hope you and yours are ok. xx