Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy New Year to all my family and friends.  Hope 2013 brings you your heart's desire.

(If I ever win the lottery, I'll sort you all out!  Promise.  lol)

Spent a lovely evening with Son no 1 and his family.  Had a Chinese takeaway and lots of fun, yacking!   Little grand daughter is so lovely.  Kept her Auntie Junior busy!  lol

Got a new camera.  Yay.   Just got to figure it all out re the uploading of piccies.  lol  My eyesight is shot!  Gets me down re the reading of instructions, but we'll get there!

All my lot are sparko!  I have just wished Junior a Happy New Year.  She is full of cold, bless her.  Has taken a hot toddy of honey and lemon to bed.  Olive cat is here, too....and Cilla dog...and she's busy burgling the cat biscuits!  lol  The rest are snoring away on my bed!

And for 2013?

Just want to be happy and healthy.

(Getting a Pilates machine.   Maybe that'll sort out my rheumatoid arthritis!  Hope so! ) 

Happy New Year

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