Saturday, 12 January 2013


Muppet is one of my Old Ladies.  The other is her sister, Spooky.  They are total opposites.  Muppet is quiet and has only just decided to trust me, after 16 years.  Spooky is very vocal, podgy and cantankerous!    Muppet is quiet and shy and tiny..although she has recently been brave enough to sleep on my bed....along with the other mogs.  She is sociable while her sister isn't..towards the other mogs that is.   Spook and Muppet are big fans of Cilla dog...and do a regular cuddle up! lol

Spooky, lounging!
 Mupps....been reading Jackie Collins, it seems!!
Anyway, Mupps is not well.  She's old and has developed breathing problems.  I first thought that she was just snoring but it's not that.  She's getting really old.  Vet vist Monday.  Don't want her to suffer, although she seems happy enough at the mo.

She's a lovely, loyal

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