Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I keep hearing things..it's that bloody ghost!

We live in an old terraced house.  Nooks and crannies, House that Jack built, type of place.  I like it, even though it's a tad damp, everything is knackered, only one plug point in each bedroom...and we have a ghost.

Well, we have the 11 mogs and Cilla dog to guard and protect us!  Ha!   The mogs growl sometimes...usually at night.    I catch them looking up at the ceilings..growling...sometimes on the sofa..growling..sometimes looking at the windows and doors...growling.  Very menacing sound.   The Old Ladies are getting on a bit now....16 years of age!  Tah Dah!!   Muppet and Spooky.  Pressie from my Big Bro.  Semi-feral dudes.  Given me the run a round for 16 years.

Mupps isn't well.  Old age.  She rasps when she breathes, but whizzes around like a young 'un..when she's in the mood and she is also the biggest feline nag on this planet.  Moaning Myrtle is her nickname...per Junior.  Anyway,  I worry about her.  She wheezes, rasps and snores...even when she's awake.  Pick her up and she's light as a feather.  Old age wearing her out.  So, when I hear wooing, wheezing, rasping, snoring...it's usually her....  But, sometimes it's Honeypot, who is Megan's daughter.  She nicks the dog's biscuits.  Can you believe that a cat likes Baker's Complete Senior?   Carries them, one at a time, to her mistress's feet...aka Junior...who is so fed up with this ritual now that she does the teenage thing.....and ignores.   So, mournful miaows are down to Honeypot...usually.

So....I am sat at my desk, at night.  I can hear this noise....high-pitched 'Woooooo'.  But this was not just a mournful miaow...it was more...high-pitched (think Psycho!)

Sometimes, they, the mogs, 'Woo'...just for the hell of it.  Make some noise and annoy the humans.  But this noise... it goes on.....in the cat run...outside.   But, all the mogs are inside.    Lightbulb in head goes on.  (Been watching too much of Most Haunted).   Eeeek.   Who/what is it then?

Oh s***.
Muppet and Spooky

 Junior and I a few years back
 Junior and her cousin..Big Bro's daughter
 Frowny Honeypot
Junior and Megan..in their fave armchair..watching Mona the Vampire 
 Olive..doing some research
Well, our resident spook likes to open a built-in cabinet door in the living room....at 3 am, usually.  This is why most of the mogs and Cilla congregate on my bed at about....Oooooooh...9pm.  Also, lighbulbs and general electric stuff sometimes short, for no reason.  Our back passage light has been out for months...too high for me to replace.  Tonight....it works!....as does the plug socket.  Eeeeek.  We have a DIY ghost.  Yay!

So, I tell myself that I am a rational, brave person.  I can suss this out.

All I can put it down to is the wind outside...playing on some polycarbonate sheeting that the snow dumped off our garden room roof and that I subsequently picked up and propped up against the cat run.   Rolf Harris does a similar 'turn' with a piece of  bendy wood.  lol

Wind has calmed down a bit.  No more strange noises.  All animals, except Olive, who is by my side..purring, are upstairs.  All is well...until......Eeeeeek!

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