Monday, 14 January 2013

The White Stuff

We have snow.  Tons of it!!

Apparently, we are in for a 'big freeze' week.   Joy!  I am glad that I work from home.  Listening to my neighbours scraping away these last couple of mornings.....I feel sorry for them....then I snuggle back under the duvet with BIG cup of Earl Grey, specs on and internet tablet at hand!

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could share our weather those in need of water get it, those who need warmth, etc....

We recycle LOADS.  Ought to have my face on the entrance at the old recycling place...we must be their best customers.  Junior gets fed up of it all and a tad lazy.  Recycling stuff ends up in normal bin bag.  Noooooo.......  Keep telling her it's all for her and her offspring.  Don't want them to inherit such a polluted planet, do you?   I get the 'Hmphhh'.    

Gotta get to grips with my new camera.  About time I put some piccies up here.  It's boring without photos.

Am working on it...once I find the box that holds the instructions.  My house is full of boxes, lately.  Doesn't help when Junior 'tidies' and then swears blind that she hasn't touched said box!  Sigh...

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