Friday, 18 January 2013

Oh No....Not More!

The white stuff is still falling.  20cm is on its way, apparently.    Our garden room/lean-to is like a freezer!  lol  Pity it's where I keep the cat litters!  lol  The mogs don't hang about in there in this weather.

We have hedges at either side of the garden.  It's long (the garden) and the hedges are high.  You see, I haven't trimmed them this year...mostly because rheumatoid arthritis renders me useless nowadays in the DIY dept..... but the birds have been nesting in one of them.. a privet hedge.  You're not allowed to trim hedges during certain times if birds are nesting in them...big fat fine if you get I haven't!.... Glad I haven't gotten the old strimmer out, given the weather.  Poor little mites need all the help they can get.  The mogs are mighty frustrated, though...sitting in the cat run...on their viewing shelves......behind the near and yet so far.    You can almost hear the Tweety and Sylvester type conversations going on.  lol

Did anyone hear me scream the other day?    

Was cleaning out the cat litters when I, obviously, accidentally dropped a WHOLE bag of Tesco Value cat litter on my poorly, arthritic foot....which has an ingrowing, arthritic nail on the end of the big toe!   Google arthritic toe and I bet you go 'Yuk' at the image.    Anyway....yikes...brought tears to my eyes.   Yes, I cried....more out of frustration.   Even with bloody rheeumatoid arhritis, I hopped around that garden room like an Olympic gymnast!  Junior was in the kitchen, at the front of the house...oblivious to Mummy's screams.  lol.   I eventually hobbled in and, bottom lip quivering, said 'I could've died in there and you would never have known'.  Aye, tad dramatic, but you see how you feel with 10 litres of gravel flattening your foot from a great height.  Funnily enough, it seems to have cured the pain in my ankle.  Just got one foot bigger than the other now.

Gratuitous piccies.
A young Junior
Olive...kipping.  No guesses for who tucked her in.  lol
Still trying to sort out the camera.  Not enough hours in the day for all this techy malarky.  

We did a Tesco on-line delivery order today.   First time.   Saves petrol and impulse spending.  Got £12 off my first order.   Woooo...  We ordered what we for the great Snow In!  lol   Have a Rezza recipe that I want to try.  Spicy polenta and vegetables, so I ordered the ingredients.   Rezza Mahammed is the author of Spice King of India.  He comes over as such a nice chap and I like him.  He has a nice, decent gentleness about him.  I hate bolshy chefs.  Such a turn off.   Son No 1 got me his book for Crimble, so I am going to work my way through it...the veggie bits, that is.

Going to bed defrost!  The mogs and Cilla dog are up there already.  Bed warming!  lol


Mrs. DishPanHands said...

Visiting from Rhonda's blog. :)

I once dropped a HUGE container for cat litter on my foot at Target. The pain was so horrible, I almost passed out. Two Target employees saw it happen and scurried over to help. It was horrible, I feel your pain.
We've been getting a lot of that "white stuff" here in Northern MN too, thankfully today it's 40 degrees F and sunny. We're supposed to get a cold snap over the weekend. BRrrr!
Keep warm!
- Kristin

Minnie said...

Hiya Kristin.
40 degrees F and sunny? You lucky thing! lol