Saturday, 19 January 2013

Inspector Gadget

Yes, more of the white stuff today.  Our brave Tesco people delivered our order.  lol..  We have our Snowed In supplies.  lol

Actually, it's quite nice just staying in and pootling about.

I rang my Mum, who is 82 and lives 70 miles away, just checking she's ok with all this cold weather and stuff.  She feeds the birds.  There's a tree outside her first floor flat and all manner of creatures congregate there.  You name it, they are there.  There is an ongoing squabble between a pair of magpies and a grey squirrel.  All over food, of course.  Robins feed off Mum's hand, woodpecker lives in the tree, pigeons and doves are about, thrushes, etc.....   Anyway, Mum has her top opening window open slightly.  She hates it being too warm and likes her fresh air.  Her cat, Jimmy, can't get out of it...being too fat!  lol.  Anyway, she tells me that she has a new resident.  A little bluetit.  It must have gotten in through the window gap and had taken up residence in one of her plants that she keeps on the windowsill!   Don't blame it, given the weather outside.  The mog was barred from the living room and locked in the bedroom.  He was not happy.  lol   Poor little bluetit.  Must have been desperate to get away from the cold.  Well, he flew off again, after a warm up, rest and nibble of food.  Hope the little fella is ok.    Can you believe that one of the residents at her place complained that she feeds the birds?

May have sorted out the camera.  Junior, it turned out, was holding the box (and all the instructions) hostage in her bedroom, for some reason.  lol   I mentioned, again, that I couldn't find the box and she tells me 'Oh yes, it's in my room with all the Christmas pressie bags that we got'.  Arghhh... Anyway, here are gratuitous photos of the white stuff.

Henry and Tinks looking out at all this white stuff.
Henry and Bart doing the same.  My finger is the shadow on top.  lol

Have you seen all THAT? !!!
This was early this morning.  Much, much worse later in the day
A young Junior. She'd been mucking about with the special effects. The kids spent hours on this.
Doing the Rezza recipe tomorrow AND I have a new gadget!  Yay.   Gadgets help me out.  Rickety joints need help, especially mine!  lol

We've had the heating on all day and I'm still not warm.  Hot water bottles are awol....I suspect they are in a certain teenager's bedroom, under some pile of whatever!  sigh...  Why do I think this?    I did a 'raid' earlier today and rescued half our mugs, glasses and dishes!

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