Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Junior is busy getting stuff ready for her jollies.  She has so much stuff laid out that I fear that a suitcase will not suffice.  We need a Harry Potter style trunk!  lol

Bikini has been purchased.  Two, actually, so that's one job done.  No point in buying suntan lotion until they get to their destination, given the weather!

I finished my neon orange socks.  They're ok.  Junior has bagged them, so I must make more to, if anything,  perfect the art.   It takes at least 6 hours to knit them, so I don't suppose I will be making them to sell...unless they go for £30 a pair!  lol    Plus, on these one rib is deeper than the other.  Same no of rows so don't ask me how I managed that,  I used the same size needles, too. 
I have lots on my 'To Do while she is away' list.  Be interesting to see how much I actually do get done.

More Piccies
Pear and Almond pie, recipe from River Cottage Family.

Crocheted Wool Blanket, now with new owner.


Think this is a clematis

Junior and Meg

Popeye relaxing

Feeding Time .  The kitchen units have now been painted a sort of duck egg blue.

Crochet cushion front. Made this with bits and bobs from my stash.  Just need a pad.

Back of crocheted cushion. Ran out of colour! lol

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