Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Best

All is quiet here...except for Cilla dog's  gentle snoring.  Give it ten minutes and I'll need earplugs!  lol    She's in season at the moment and a proper sex pest.  The mogs are keeping a wide berth!

Junior made Sunday Dinner.... curry.  Very nice it was, too.  Fruit for pud, or a syrup sponge cake.  Bought some Levi Roots ginger beer which I've had with the meal...also very nice.  :o).  I'll be doing the washing up.  Untypically (is that a word?) she's not used every pot and pan in the house.  Yay. 

I've spent a couple of hours tearing up old newspapers for the cat litters..  Emergency, as we've run out of the 'normal' cat litter.    We are about to experiment with a new litter (Cats Best).  Been highly recommended, so we're giving it a go tomorrow.  It's meant to be more cost effective and eco friendlier than the stuff we use now (mainly Tesco's..'cos it's cheap and not that heavy).  Junior's been beavering away on the net, trying to find the best price for it and for food, too.  (Good for the maths and housekeeping skills!)  The mogs haven't been very happy of late with the normal wet and dry food we give , so we're going to try and get them on a good quality dried food.  It's swings and roundabouts expense-wise.  .  Works out the same nowadays 'cos the internet price finds that Junior has sussed means we can afford them now.   The cheaper stuff doesn't fill them up and/or makes them puke...(and the other).  They need more of it to be satisfied.  Supermarket makes they do not like and they've even gone off some of the well known stuff!  So, we may as well feed them the best we can afford.   So,  tester pack buying it is tomorrow for Applaws, Nutram and Royal Canine.

The weather....sunny today.  Yay!   Might even risk sowing some seeds.   We have a large propogater...which should be a snail-free zone.   Junior harvested some mega sized blueberries. 

Up at the allotment, runner bean plants have only grown about 18 inches!!  Soddened soil there is a lot of!  . But, we discovered that we have a globe artichoke plant in amongst the shrubbery and it seems to be doing ok.  The boys cut down the weeds and mowed the plot for me in June.  Think I'm just going to have little beds of stuff and keep the paths as grass/lawn. Much more interesting.  Saves digging.   You can always tell which of the plots are run by blokes because they just look like giant ploughed fields.  All very industrial...and boring.  Mainly brassicas and spuds!    Anyway, the plot wants moving again, due to the amount of rain......the grass has well and truly grown!  We have an array of garden plants there on ours, if nothing else, thanks to the previous plot holder.  Roses, buddliea, bearded iris, jasmine.  And..buttercups...I love 'em..don't care if other folk think they're weeds...they're so bright and lovely.  Remind me of my childhood when you used to hold them up to you and the yellow of the flower would reflect on to your chin.  And we have clover....means the soil has a good nitrogen supply, apparently, according to horticulturist neighbour.   Anyway. not chopping them.  The bees and insects can enjoy them, too.

I took loads of photos, ping, pong.   You guessed it.....batteries conked! 


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know this is an old entry- I've been reading through, directed from our home grown "down to earth" blog here in AUS- my English Dad always said to try lime if the soil was clay ish, and I have done this with a garden bed that was always boggy here- I think I almost did too good a job, as it certainly made it much drier. Now I've long since moved and have the opposite problem where I live now- but my dear old Da isn't with us to provide the answer. He kept us in veggies from our home yard and our allotment (you get them here too!) and was quite the gardening expert! Hope this helps :-) I'm really enjoying your blog, love the English- isms. Aussies share a lot of the English sense of humour, so it's good value :-)

Minnie said...

Hello. Thanks for visiting my little blog. And for the tip. We've had loads more rain and snow here with more due, apparently! Eeeek. Will need a pair of waders for the allotment, never mind wellies, at this rate.