Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ding Dong

It was like something out of a comedy sketch.

As per usual...  after I had hung out a line of washing (mostly Junior's stuff, I might add)   the blooming heavens opened, again....BIG TIME.  Sigh.....   Our weather of late is PSYCHO!!!

'Bugger it' I thought..and left it there...the washing...  'Not going out in that lot'.

So...mutter, mutter...toddles into kitchen...then upstairs and....doorbell goes.  Wonders who is stupid enough to come out in this stuff.    I looks out of the bedroom window and no-one is there.. The bloody doorbell has 'tripped' again and was 'bing bonging' away. 

The rain was so heavy it was constantly 'ringing the bell'..for want of a better expression.

After 15 minutes it tends to get on yer mammeries, so I traipse downstairs and open the door to try and stop the button from sticking.

Bad move.

Overhead gutters were overflowing due to the sheer volume of rain and water was virtually dropping down  like a sheet, right on the doorstep.   So, I retreat.

Bugger.  Am wet and pissed off.

Bing bloody bong, bing bong....on and on and on and on and on and on.....

I tries to coax (whack) the indoor speaker to 'shut up!   No joy.

So, bright idea....gets the umbrella and opens it, then the door.......WHAM.....a ton of water kops me  It must have known my plan and was waiting for me, I'm sure!!  Well, there I am, struggling to keep the umbrella over my head while I unjam the bloody bing bong button.

Meanwhile.....water floods into the hallway.   Yikes!!   I give up the umjamming of bing bong and close the door......Where's a sandbag when you need one?    I am SOAKED!...and I haven't even stepped outside!!!

Am mighty fed up at this point. 

'Slop, slop, slop'...sound of me waddling into the kitchen.  I go in there so I can remove my sodden clothing.  Yorks to what the neighbours think.  Off with me kit and on with the dry!!  Who wants pneumonia in 'summer'?

Anyway.  my soaking served its purpose.  Bing bong is no more.  Peace.

It's sunny outside....but I'm staying put.

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