Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Olympics

Junior and I watched the opening ceremony yesterday.

Have to say that I felt very proud to be British. 

I loved the bit with Her Majesty and James Bond.  ......and the kids.....bouncing about on their NHS beds, having nightmares and being saved by Mary Poppins.  All mad.  And the mini...  Wonder how many people over the world 'got' our sense of humour?  Then the music...Sex Pistols and Dizzie Rascal...and Mike Oldfield...and, at the end.... all these countries that I have never heard of and their reps marching into the stadium...proud as punch.   Wasn't it nice that instead of some famous British Olympian lighting the flame...our most famous nominated 7 talented youngsters to do the job instead.   Just great. x

You can watch it on the BBC iPlayer.  No commercial interruptions!!..although there is no commentary.    Read the British Newspapers online to get a gist of it all if you're kerfuffled about some of it..

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