Thursday, 19 July 2012


Been blubbing.

Both my boys have families...and jobs and they work jolly hard ( get up at 3am, the other at go to work).  They both didn't end up in their 'desired' trades.   Spent years doing college courses only to find that the jobs weren't there at the end, even with qualifications.  They both wish they'd left school at 16 and  had gotten into their desired careers by starting at the bottom and climbing up the ladder that way., instead of staying on at school and massaging youth unemployment figures..

I didn't mind what they chose career-wise, as long as it was safe.  But, there was one career that I absolutely did not/do not want them in.  Don't think it ever crossed their minds, either.

Well, because he hates his boring job so much and that there is no chance of promotion,  Son no 2 has decided that he is going to join the Army.  I am absolutely against it.. Mortified .   Hate it..all that macho bull and the thought of him being target practice in some faraway place..  Ack.

Bloody war has wiped out most of my family.  Apart from one granma, who died when I was very young,  I have never met any  relatives that my parents had.  No Grandads, uncles, aunties, cousins, etc.    No family homes to visit.  All gone, even paper records, so we can't do a proper family tree,    Nothing.  So, I hate and detest war/military stuff.

Why are they recruiting when they are making tens of thousands redundant?.   Probably all comes down to money.  Get rid of the older, well-salaried blokes and train up newbies and pay them a smaller salary.  ££££££££  

Told him ages ago that if he ever went for it then I would knee-cap him.

Off to do a little job!!.....................

Then I'm gonna smash all his computer games!!.


Nikki Wall said...

The army is a sore-point here, too, although for rather different reasons :0(

Minnie said...

Hope you are able to sort it out, Nikki. x I blubbed at first, now I'm just angry. Feel like the course he went on 'brainwashed' him, somewhat.

Nikki Wall said...

Ours is the opposite. Whilst it's not what I'd want for him, my eldest was set on the Army. He's been in cadets for years, absolutely loved it, always assumed he'd go into the Army and then was refused on medical grounds. He's now challenging this, but he was so disappointed when initially refused and it's taken over a year so far for him to challenge.

It has caused a lot of upset and hasn't been doing his patience or temper any good.

Like I said, not my choice for him, but then he has a very different attitude to life than me (or his other silblings).

Minnie said...

Yes, my three three are all different. I hope he can sort it.
My son just wants to go into mechanics. Anything to do with cars, driving, etc. There aren't any apprenticeships and even if there were, he couldn't afford to take such a drop in salary, having a family to support and all that.

Nikki Wall said...

There's so very little around atm and your'e right, it is a gamble to take when you have a family!