Saturday, 21 July 2012

Need To Grow More

We need to get our fingers out and get on with growing some food!    Our efforts this time have been thwarted by all this flipping rain and our super Olympian snails.(rage!!)..  So, there's isomniacal  moi, laying in bed..thinking of ways to make the pennies stretch more, 'cos there ain't many pounds around here at Chez Min.

Wonder what you can grow in a poly tunnel? We're craving spinach at the mo..and beetroot..and all manner of things...but they're expensive up at the shops here, being in Hill Billy Land.   Are these tunnels sturdy enough for our mad weather?   Can you grow fruit and veg in one all year round?  I've only just thought of the possibility of getting one..  Put it off because of cost.  Anyway, wonder if anyone has advice/tips on this?  Shall have to do some 'research'.  Do you need planning permission to put one up in your back garden?  No point asking the council, 'cos they won't know. lol

Would be nice if it all comes to fruition, so to speak.  Just in time for my early retirement could be an escape from nosey neighbour!  Yay!! 


Nikki Wall said...

AFAIK you don't need planning permission. You can pretty much grow things in them all year round (they'll certainly extend the season). I used to volunteer at a community gardens project and the polytunnels were fab!

I have to say that perpetual spinach grows outside in pretty much any (but the frostiest) weather, but then, I never figured on so much bloody rain.

Lots of things have failed here too and yes, it's an issue as well as I was expecting to have salads at the very least, but no, for some reason they just haven't happened, although I need to do another sowing. The peas are doing ok though.

Minnie said...

I'm bracing myself tor how much the tunnels are to buy and set up. Horticulturist neighbour says you can still put carrots, beans and leeks in the ground .

Do snails munch spinach? They are the biggest problem in my garden. I don't put down slug pellets because of the animals and wildlife (the birds nest in the hedge). Horti neighbour reckons they don't harm the animals but I can't see how that is.

Have a look on The English Homestead for how to make your own Turkish Delight. x

Nikki Wall said...

Oh there's plenty that can still go in :0)

Snails munch most things, you could pick them off by hand. I wouldn't put pellets down either.

I love Turkish Delight, I've been meaning to try and make some for a while.