Saturday, 30 June 2012

Been Raided!!

Junior's been shopping today with Son no 1 and his other half..  She needs a bikini for her hols.  So, off she goes on the bus..15 mile journey and meets them at the other end for a day of shopping and 'dinner out',   She comes home with her buys  and  so I suggest that she tries on said bikini to see if it fits.  (she bought it without trying...aparrentlhy, you ain't allowed to try them on anymore!  What!!! )  So...eventually..she lets me into her bedroom...and she is clinging to her dressing gown. Bikini's underneath. 
'So, let's have a look then'. 
'It fits' she says
'Let me have a look' I replies.  Need to ensure it fits ok to avoid embarassment.
This conversation to and fros for about ten minutes. Eventually, I tells her that I can see her arse in the mirror so she may as well let me have a look.  After all, I'm her mother and have seen it all before.!     What are teens like?  lol

Bikini has to go back...Too small on top.  She has an enviable figure and I keep getting told that she should go into modelling...but Junior doesn't seem interested.....yet.     How can you not be able to return children's clothing if it doesn't fit?  Sigh...Anyway....piccies... 

New Feeding regime.  This is the last box of wet food until Monday.  Bart says it's his!

 Not on your nelly, says Popeye.  It's mine.
 Meg says it's hers.  Trying to open it for herself, too.
 Boris the Spider, obviously.
 His origins.
Bloody snails have had 'me' courgettes.  Bugger!
 So mad, I posted the pic twice!  lol   The crushed eggshell thing didn't work then!!
Buggers haven't got my tomatoes!!   yet.......only 'cos they're in a hanging basket.
 First strawberries.
 Choc pie with 'cheffy Junior cream Masterchef swirl' thing..and strawbs.  Nom nom nom:o)

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