Monday, 9 July 2012


Junior's on holiday.

The mogs have been turning the house upside down looking for her.  Bart, Tinks, Henry, Ringy and Popeye are permanently attached to her bed!  Waiting......Bless......

Meanwhile, Cilla has come on heat.  Joy.

She is not fussy and will bonk anything.

Mogs are keeping out of the way.

I am keeping her occupied with bonios.  No pun intended.

The panting gets on yer nerves after a while, the land of 'Holiday'....

Junior decided that she was going down the waterslide at the water centre where she's at...Big bros have taken her on hol.

She can't swim.

She's not bothered and seems to have no fear.  Not bothered about wearing water wings or a rubber ring.

So,  Son no 2 was waiting for her at the bottom of this huge slide.   Down she comes.....and, typically,  he got distracted.  Junior lands...splosh....and goes under.....Son no 1 thought she had drowned....  Admittedly, Junior was a bit pissed off.  Didn't cry, though.  Says she's going to have another go tomorrow.....sigh.....

Have told Son no 1 to be on 'catch' duty....or else!!


dawny said...

sounds very busy hun :-) hope junior is having a fantastic time xx

Minnie said...

Yep, think she is:o) My lot aren't bothered by a bit of rain. lol

Not enough hours in the day to get stuff done. Would help if it stopped persisting it down for a bit. lol

Hope you are all ok. xx