Monday, 18 June 2012

Pissed Off of Hill Billy Land

I am hoping someone 'up there' will hear my prayer and rid me of my in get them to piiss off and move away/ gag them.....or help us move to 'better pastures'.   Bloody move them or help me move away....please.     

I hate the tittle tattle, malicious gossip of these mindless, rude 'peope'...if you can call them that....people, I mean.  Can't even go in the garden without having to endure the 'over the gardens' tripe that comes out of these peoples' mouths.   They think they own the place and so have the belief that you do as they say.   Sone of these people have had terrible luck in the past. and still do now...seems they deserve it.

Nasty, bitchy, two-faced .

Horrid people.


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