Saturday, 16 June 2012


We've been watching Gok Wan's new Chinese Cookery programme (Channel 4) and have made a few of his dishes, which were very nice..especially the Ma Po Tufu.  Anyway, to do this properly, you need the right  ingredients, so we are buying them, bit by bit, week by week.  Scouring the internet for the nearest Chinese supermarket has kept me busy for a bit.  lol    Not many around here in Hill Billy Land.

Well, Junior loves chilli garlic prawns...with coconut rice:o)   It's truly delicious.  So on our last visit to the grocery shops I spied some VEGETARIAN PRAWNS in the freezer dept.  Can you believe that one can buy such things....even vegan prawns, too?   (You can buy mock meat or even make it yourself.  I've never tasted vegan meat substitutes before, though).  I lie...I made some seitan a while back, but it turned out like squash ball in consistency.  Apparently, I didn't braise it long enough.  

And so...what do we think after having indulged in the above Chilli Prawn dish?   I really like them....they look like the real thing.  Smell ok.     They even have that  munch/bite, too.  Not soggy or anything like that.   My plate is clean...not a morsel left.  I forgot to take a photo in my haste.  Dash it!! 

I give the pretend prawns 8/10.  Junior's verdict is 4/10....but she ate most of them!  She likes her meat and will NEVER be a vegetarian, let alone a vegan.

I am happy.  As far as I'm concerned, you prawns of the world can live in peace.  I won't eat you:o)

Good old Linda McCartney.  £2.50 a bag at Tescos..and there were LOADS in the bag.  Never seen them in shops here before, although you can buy different makes off the internet..

FOR THE DISH...We finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic,and sliced 4 spring onions.  Gently fried the 'prawns' for 10-15 mins with the garlic and spring onions.  A few minutes before serving we just sloshed some sweet chilli dipping sauce in and served over Coconut Rice...which is basically rice cooked with a little water and the contents of a tin of coconut milk.  Season the rice, though, or else it can be bland.

On the mechanical is a bit pooped.  Keeps over revving.  It's an a go cart!  lol     Big Bro has sent me copy of the car manual to help me suss out the bits under the bonnet so I can, hopefully, sort it out.   Not at the moment, though.  Barmy, potty English weather is at it..again.   Rain, rain, rain.

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