Thursday, 7 June 2012

Anoraks at the ready

Blimey.....It ain't half raining in Hill Billy Land!   As they say...It's ABSOLUTELY bogging it down!!!

Our side roof was damaged by builders employed by the new neighbours..the ones we don't get on with.  No-one has had the common courtesy or decency to repair the damage they caused or pay for the when it it comes.    Big Bro did a temporary repair to tide us over, but that's starting to give way now.  I

Anyhow, being rather peeved at the sight and sound of water cascading into the back passage and especially the garden room and bedraggled cats coming through the catflap, Junior and I donned our weatherproofs and tried to do a repair to the garden room......downpipe and guttering had come away, causing some of the hassle.  We managed to stop the waterfall....thanks to our nice crafting neighbour up the road.  Down she came, armed with another pair of ladders and some polycarbonate sheeting and 15 minutes was done.  We (she and Junior...rickety joints don't let me do things like climb ladders!)  had to stretch across the existing polycarbonate roofing to rejoin the guttering.  So, nice neighbour was at one side...6 feet away from downpipe..and Junior was up ladder No 2 at the front of the downpipe....which was 7 feet away from her.  What do you use in these circumstance to lift up and rejoin so a nice, leak-free, 90 degree join is made?   Washing poles!  Big Bro made me two a while back and they are now currently holding our repair together.  lol  (Best get him to make more.)  Nice, old fashioned wooden washing poles, not those useless, crappy metal jobs.  They acted a bit like giant chopsticks. We even got a water butt set up too...all in the pouring rain!  Knowing our barmy, English'll be scorching next week, so the saved water will do for the plants.   Nice neighbour is 76!!!!!  Don't know where she gets the energy from. 

So, we sort of dried off...and then I went up to her house, bearing a Thank You gift....Scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam:o)    She played hell with me , saying that she didn't expect a thank you pressie for helping out....but she smiled broadly once she clapped her eyes on our little Thank You 'package'. 

Hope people out there stay safe and as dry as possible.

Wonder if the hosepipe ban will stay?  lol

The Queen's Jubilee weekend was brilliant.  Her Maj did well, considering her age and that Prince Philip was ill.  Junior and I made some red, white and blue bunting.  Put it up at the front windows....and the mogs promptly tried to take it down!  We have balloons outside the front door.   Bit deflated now, though.  Shan't say what they remind me of.  Just think rude!   

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