Sunday, 24 June 2012

Olympic Creatures

Blummin' Eck!  It's absolutely pooping it down with rain...still!   My poor courgettes will drown at this rate.

I have some bean plantlings to plant.  Dare I, given the wet weather?  Might stick them in up at the allotment.  Snail population up there is not as bad as Chez Min.  Loads in the garden.  The little blighters are EVERYWHERE and seem to be made of Olympic material.  . I found one inside the HOUSE the other week..It'd managed to make it's way through the catflap and then UPSTAIRS and was found on the landing dado rail!  Thought 'Right, find Junior and show her our new visitor'.  Came back and it was making it's way back downstairs!  I did evict it to the strains of' 'Eeeeew'  from Junior.

The Olympic Torch is heading our way.  Maybe the snail was sussing out a viewing post?  lol  Anyway, am hoping that we can get to see the Torch when it passes through Hill Billy Land.  

It's all my fault..this rain.   My Dad always joked that it rains when I peg out washing.   I put out a line of washing the other day, to obviously dry...and it remains there....very wet.  At some point I'm going to have to leg it out there and rescue 'me stuff'.  lol 
Junior is busy making a granny square bag for her hols.  It's looking very funky and nice up to press.   In fact, I think it's mega!  She's at her least favourite stage of 'construction'....sewing it all up.  Just had a tantrum...'cos she sewed some squares but managed to sew a right side and a wrong side together...then she did it again!  lol     She intends to line the bag, too and is turning the house upside down to find a complimentary piece of material for this.  No luck yet.  I'm saying nothing.  Keep shtum and keep the old tin hat on...until tantrum head has gone! 

I've finished a crochet cushion cover for t'Shop and am now attempting my second pair of knitted socks.   First pair were in mohair....very toasty as bed socks and mega soft and good at keeping my joints warm...second pair are in bog standard dk...and are in a very fetching neon orange:o)   Is there a market for handmade knitted socks, I wonder?  Putting piccies up on the blog is a pain at the mo.  It costs to send them from my phone....... so there's the camera.    Sigh... Why don't batteries last long enough for me to take a couple of piccies and to then upload 'em?  Maybe I should get my finger out and reinvest in another rechargeable battery unit thingy. 

The 'spook' is about.  Olive cat is alert and growling at thin air.  The other mogs have legged it upstairs.  And where is the dog.....under the desk!  Bless..

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