Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Junior sporting her newly crocheted hairband.  She got up at 6.30am, raided my wool stash and an hour later came back to show me the finished article.  It's a mini granny square effort.  Granny square tote in the foreground that I made yonks ago and is awaiting lining.
Grandchild of Min and me.  Looks just like her Daddy.....and has his 'stick your tongue out when pictures of you are being taken' habit!
Henry posing.  Bit blurred but he is a lovely, handsome talkative little fellow...and completely adores  Junior.

Megan's weird look.

Junior's bead weaving.

Son No 1 with Grandchild no 2.  She looks like her Daddy, too.
Rolled out Michaelmas daisy.  You could make this into a necklace, me thinks.

The flattened out version.

Daisies for contrast.

Lovely cupcakes that Junior made.  They were EXTREMELY yummy.
Spooky.  She's 15 years old.  Very cantankerous at times but likes her food and kip..and a cuddle.  Cannot get a worming tablet down her for the life in me.  She rips you to shreds with her very sharp 15 year old claws!  lol

Bart and Tinks...the Hypers!!  Waiting for their nosh.  Henry in the background, tucking into some chives!  Weird cat!
Bart, Ringo and Henry as kittens, being supervised by Dad aka |Popeye.
Think Popeye was about to dish out some discipline in  this one.
LooLoo keeping her bum warm on the PC tower.
Flowers picked from the garden yesterday.  'Scuse state of window sill.
They smell divine.  Peonie at the back.
LooLoo caught in the bathroom sink.  Think mogs like to laze in it because it's cool.

It's a dog life!!
And a cat's!!!

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