Thursday, 28 June 2012

All Change

Our mogs are weird!

I've noticed lately that they hunt down items I've made from mohair!  Thankfully, my newly hand knitted bedsocks have survived these raids  Tinks has just rushed downstairs with a mohair fingerless glove clamped in her mouth.  (Beats a dead rodent or bird anyday).    She dropped it by my side here, by the desk.  She's bringing me pressies!  :o))

More like a hint.

Are you on our side?  If so.....Feed me....NOW!!

Junior has devised a new feeding and discipline regime.  She reckons they are spoilt!  So, they get wet food once a day (apart from the Old Ladies who get it twice daily) and the rest is dry, complete food.  Typically, the mogs are NOT PLAYING  and are rebelling.  lol

On the discipline more kipping in her room...they are early risers and like to 5.30am..  When I go in there on a morning, I am confronted by a barrage of items littered by the door.  These are usually cushions, soft toys, shoes...all missiles lobbed by Junior in an attempt to shut them up so she can sleep in peace...she's too lazy to get out of bed and open the door to let them out.

Won't last long.  Henry and Bart are expert yowlers if they want their own way or attention. AND they are her spook protectors.   I'll give it a week. 

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