Friday, 1 June 2012


The dog still refuses to leave my side.

Le Spook is doing my head in.  Elderly semi-feral cat...who NEVER comes to me when called,  is now my new BF.

As I type, Cilla is under my feet.  Shoved herself into the little footwell beneath my desk.  No wonder my feet are becoming deformed.  Can't move for the dog!   Junior still 'arms' herself with the mogs when it's beddybye time..  And every light that the house has... remains ON!!

I am so sleep deprived that I don't give a bugger anymore.  Knock me out with a glass or five of red wine!  (Marks and Sparks do a great Vegan wine.  Beautiful!!!  Fairtrade aswell.)

The pets will only stay downstairs in the living room at night time if we are there with them, otherwise they play up.  Once it's daylight then they're ok....and then they party.   Lttle buggers!  

Up to press, Le Spook is much nicer than neighbours on either side of us.   Maybe he's trying to tell me something?  Anyhow, I love his house.  Knackered and all that  it is......

11.45pm  and Henry is now whining away at Junior's bedrooms door. 'Waaaahhhh....let me in!'    Wuss!

Junior...understandably....not very pleased.   Tell you something you might know.....teenage hormones are kicking in!   Junior has also developed 'selective hearing'.   Ohhh, bliss.  a Spook, neurotis dog and teenage hormones.  Arghhhh! 


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