Sunday, 14 February 2010

Whiter than white

Junior has decided to redecorate her bedroom.

She is no longer into pink!!...'Too babyish, Mum!'

The lavender and blue walls are to be replaced with.......white!! Floors to be cream. Wants a new bed, too. Ikea day bed she has at the mo is also too babyish. She wants a cream, wrought iron double bed...needs to be able to stretch out..which is fair enough. We have one in the shed that we can paint up and renovate.

'Can I do all that?' she asks.. I tell her that's ok, but she can pay for it, given how recent the last decorating session was and how broke I am. lol

'Ok' she says brightly and toddles off to calculate how long it will take for her to save up for this little wish list.

She soon returns and reckons 6 months:o) and is now scouring the house for small change to put into her money box. Nearly everything she desires for this little project seems to live in the Tesco or Argos catalogues! lol


anna said...

aww reading your blog is absolute bliss !!!! we just did our front room. grey and cream ? ? ? didnt have much of a choice in the colour lol, just asked for free paint on freecycle lol.

Minnie said...

Thanks, Anna:o)

Junior didn't have much of a choice with the lavender and blue as that was gifted, too! We've got massive tins of teracotta and marmalade to use yet but I can't see them being used or the house will seem too dark!! Think we'll freecycle them.

Got a lovely magenta red for the living room:o) That should hide any, err, feline scuffs! lol

Hope you are well. Are your mogs ok?

anna said...

. our moggies are cool now. they recovered from their nasty cat flu, and i just got the two girls neutered. the two boysare next. im going to have a go at keeping them in, cos a few days ago i caught one racing across the busy expressway here.... got a bit fed up with my family at the weekend, came to visit and then sat sniffing the air... saying ''whats that smell//is it cats ?' omg. i DO find keeping everywhere clean with them is really hard... they are all over the worktops and tables etc. and im going through flash like its gold dust. sometimes i feel like my house is a dirty total shitheap. and were always skint lol !!

Minnie said...

Yes, it's hard work keeping it all fresh. A good quality fabric conditioner sometimes works wonders..sprinkle in corners where they go and on skirting boards.

The boys oink like anything when they're owners of unsnipped testicles! lol

anna said...

brilliant idea...... the culprit is the older cat...ALFIE ''THE CLAW ' PARSONS. caught him under the sofa before whizzing away !!!! arrgghhh