Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy Kids

Junior is happy.

Hobbling to the doctor's I spied some videos in a charity shop.....50p each..6 of them. Bargain.

Daughter now has the whole of Series 1 Friends. And her uncle gave her a tv/video combi so she can watch her new set :o)

Son no 1 told me the other week that I had been complimented by a fellow workmate. He had revealed to her that he was adopted by a single parent. Workmate told him "Blimey, your Mum's done a good job." People have told me this before, but I sometimes feel like a bit of a failure. Wish I could have given them more materially, taken them abroad, etc, but the boys didn't see it that way and especially not now. They have good jobs, partners, etc but still, in their younger years I often felt stigmatised because I was a poor single mother and, therefore, must be depriving them of something. Some people really do assume that you must have slept around and do nothing but watch tv and sip lager all day!!

A few weeks ago he asked to see all the info that I have on his life before with me, so I gave it to him. Big box full of stuff. I haven't hidden anything away, it's all there and I think he is ready to deal with it.He's a good lad...stubborn though! He goes home. Once home he rings me, every ten minutes or so telling me that "wow, didn't realise this or that and didn't know that you had so little money, blah, blah."

So, he's been staying for a couple of days. Brought the box back. He has time off work so I told him to chill out at home, but he won't be put off..even if he's not that keen on cats! I get embarassed with my deteriorating rickity joints but he just tells me "Don't be daft you oldie!!". We have this jokey banter going on at times and this is one of those, so I'm not offended. He's trying to make me laugh. Anyway, he obviously wants to help and has lugged HEAVY wardrobes up and down stairs for me, mended stuff, walked the dog and bought his sister an expensive pair of trendy boots! He's also taught her some cheats on a computer game!! He brought me a huge bag of potatoes, which I can't peel, but it's the thought that counts:o)..he's thinking of my 101 Ways With Spuds thing that I've got going:o) lol

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anna said...

and this.... thatyou have written makes EVERYTHING WORTH IT... this is what families should be !!!! brilliant x x x x