Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Remedies and Badly Behaving Floors

This week we're going to be looking at what seeds we're going to buy for our garden allotment.

Think we'll do the Square Foot Garden design and use some bigger raised beds for the stuff we want to grow more of. I want more herbs in, especially lavender. I am the world's worst lavender grower!! I can kill it with just one touch!! So, I'm looking for pointers that will reverse this trend!! lol

Junior is the flower girl:o) She absolutely LOVES flowers, so we'll be trying to get some of those grown. When we go shopping, she oohs and aahhs at all the flowers and plants. She is the only kid I know who likes garden centres.'ll leave the supervision up to mother in that department, in view of my lavender-killing tendencies. I MIGHT have a go at growing some myself......well away from Junior's plot. I want fragrance:o) Roses for I can get rose hip syrup...supposed to be good for arthritis...but too costly in tablet form for moi. And geraniums. My gran used to grow this purply/cornflower blue type which had a slight parma violet smell to it. I can't find it anywhere. Even been known to sniff out the ones in gardens I pass, but no joy. Any suggestions.....anyone out there? Just my luck for it to have become extinct!!

I've just found an arthritis remedy which I can afford:o) Potatoe juice. To be drunk each morning on an empty stomach!! Anyone ever tried that?

I have to go now as Junior is having a tantrum with her bedroom laminate flooring. New wardrobe has shifted a floor is not perfect...which will simply not do for my girl. lol

Junior liked the colour of these.

Lavender that I managed to kill

Still managed to kill this cutting, too!

Lillies. I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted a lily beetle. They are weird little creatures!!

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