Friday, 19 February 2010

Changing Rooms

So, my little Junior is busy.

Seeing that we have to save up so she can have her white bedroom, she has turned her beady eye on to mine!! Arghhhhh!!

I'm at that stage in life where I will make do with what I have.....I am all decorated and designed out!! She, on the other hand, is raring to go.

Have to admit that the layout of furniture in my room could be better, the wall paper is a 1940's type green with bronze/gold roses on it...dado rail (ack) and other assorted goodies from the days of Changing Rooms/Dynasty. The wallpaper was actually unearthed. The beige wallpaper that was on top was peeling away (tacky workmanship...tut tut), so I pulled it all off and found the glam green stuff. Green is not my colour, but it will do. The Moroccan jewelly colours that I like will have to wait until funds are available.

Anyway, here I type away while she moves all the little bits out so she can begin The Offensive and reorganise!!!

Mogs are lined up on the window sill, bemused look on their faces. Olive is standing by...the rattan wardrobe is HERS!! (They all like to climb up and snooze on top, but she always bags Pole Position:o) )

Well, dear friends. I have to go. Been booted off my trusty laptop and must now engage in the art of 'switching furniture around and getting it all to fit in properly without running over a mog or two'. Sigh.....

Might be gone for a while.

PS,We did it!! 'Tis now 8pm...My feet are killing me and the mogs are loving all the extra space:o)) We have lugged furniture downstairs to a new home, to make space up here. I have my old stereo set up..just need to find my headphones. lol Junior has found our old Incredibles dvd and has been fed a favourite meal:o) And it's chocolate for pud!! yay.

Tomorrow is chocolate cake making day....again:o) Might make some lemon and thyme cupcakes, too. Badman and Balls are not going to spoil our weekend!!! Edward has, apparently, been making up porkies about parental preferences re sex education I think it is this time, to cap everything else!! These consultations, eh? There is a link. I will post.

Can you hear my feet hissing? lol Shea butter foot massage coming up.

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anna said...

we have been on a sortout today.. i actually deleted my ''facebook'' account.... it totally overwhelmed and took over my life.... so even after 10 hours of no rotbook we have achieved total tidyness, cooked dinner and washed dishes by 6 pm..nice afternoon's sunny walk, and a pile of books waiting to be read....seriously, i cant beleive how i let a social chat page take over my life !!! aarrgghh, oh and our old neighbours were back today, clearing out the mess left behind from their now gone non paying teneants.... we bagged a dead cosy padded computer chair (new) ikea table, and a fairy statue !!!! not bad eh ??? all this for dropping rotbook !!!!