Monday, 22 February 2010


Mother and I are friends, again.

We fell out because of my concerns re her lack of She likes to 'self regulate'. Reckons the docs of now aren't that in tune with the oldies of now. I sort of get her...but she is not the one who has to do the burying!!

She feels the same about my not taking advantage of the State's benefit system because of rickety joints!! I DO suffer. Too proud. I hate claiming. I know, I know....I worked and paid into 'the system' for 30 odd years...

Anyway....Mother and Daughter relations are back on :o))

I love her dearly...but she is so....ooooooooooohhhhh!!!!...sometimes.

Anyone have the same problems? Anyone???

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Minnie, dear. My mother is dreadful. She tells me she wants something which, when I get it, isn't the right thing at all.

She drives me mad - repeats the same old conversations time after time. The other day, after not being out for a year, we were horrified to find she'd gone around to the shops....

I worry about her as if she were a two year old. The thing is that two year olds grow up, and they get more sensible. My dear oldie gets less and less sensible as time moves on.

Anyway, I can sympathise.