Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chocolate Fix

We are facing our demons......... and attempting to bake, again:o)

This time, 'tis a big, fat, yummy looking vegan chocolate cake:o)..bliss.......Am looking forward to tucking into this one. Junior reckons she's staying in the kitchen while cake bakes so it can be rescued at the first sign of any oinky burning smells!! lol For tea, we're having pretend bangers and real mash, with special cabbage and lots of gravy and cranberry sauce (I have that with everything! lol.) Ahhhhhhhh....and then the cake!!!! Tomorrow, we're having a go at Steamed Mugcakes:o) And vegan hot dogs!! Woo hoo.

Ta Dah!!
The finished cake. Far too much for us two. How ever will we manage to consume this?...:o)))


Yes..what a cluttered worksurface

Junior has copied the recipie and put it in her 'Goodies to Make' binder!
We had snow today. Wish it would dump 2ft and be done with it.

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