Sunday, 7 February 2010

Exotic Lessons

Junior has been helping make dinner. She is now into apple crumble. Anyway, we did not possess any...or any apples to make our own. We did, however, have some frozen fruit, which we got for smoothie mixes.

So, I shows her how to make the crumble topping, with porridge for added crunch. Yum... Then, we proceed to sort out the fruit. Me thinks it a good idea to warm it up first in a little sugar/marg mix....sort of toffee sauce:o) Then adds a bit of cinnamon and ginger. Luvly jubbly!

So, J puts fruit into baking dish and tops with crumble. We take photos, which is inspired!!

'What shall we call this little invention?', she asks Crumble Surprise says I!!

Yay! Bloody surprise it was, too.

Exotic fruits like mango, papaya, pineapple and banana don't like being baked for very long, do they? Not like your run of the mill apple crumbles.

So, what a surprise!! We had no desert.....just lots of smoke and a burnt pud...and oven to clean in the morning...when it has cooled down and stopped oinking of incinerated offering. No piccy of burnt pud. Oven is still holding it hostage and I cannot cope with any more smoke, so will wail for it to go stone cold before dumping it in bin. So, use your imagination re state of eagerly anticipated pudding. lol

I am obviously not one for culinary inventions:o) Bugger!!

Crumble topping on

Exotic fruit in toffee sauce

Gratuitous pic of Popeye on favourite cat wardrobe!!!

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