Saturday, 20 February 2010

Spuds and Naughty Mogs

The mogs have a secret supply of ping pong balls.

In this house ping pong balls seem to vanish during daylight hours, but come night time......sigh........Little blighters!!!' Tis difficult chasing a gang of ping ponging mogs with stiff joints. lol

Olive is on a diet. See food and eat food one. She is getting quite adept at helping herself to cat biccies. The number of times I have picked up a bag of the stuff to find big hole in side of and contents falling out all over the place. Arghhh!

We've been chilling out today. Consumed stir fry and wraps. Junior made chocolate brownies and the dog is doing her best to get some...via cute 'please give me a bit' eyes:o)) The mogs are way ahead of pooch and have already nicked some behind Junior's back. lol

I had planned to do allsorts but yesterday's Musical Furniture Day has taken its toll. So, instead I have been racking brains for yet more on the 100 recipe ideas with potatoes.....I'm only up to No 22.... We have a huge bag full, awaiting transformation of sorts.

I suppose one idea would be to use them as ammunition against night time ping ponging mogs!! Mmmmm....tempting.


Tis me said...

lol at the mogs.
beanie bake is yum , mashed pots and cheese on top, baked beans in the bottom - do it like shepherds pie xx d

Minnie said...

Ta. x