Monday, 8 February 2010

Possessed Laptop

So....I wrote this REALLY long post about the health benefits I am experiencing from barley tea, and no milk, as recommended by Mother..who is not speaking to me, incidentally). I have been ill....virus...cold bones, can't lift body out of bed type of thing. No excuse to her....sigh....Ah well....bugger!!

Anyway, the laptop went loopy and I lost most of my post.....arghhhhh!!! I am senile, I cannot possibly remember what I wrote so....Argghhhh....again!!!!!:o)

Laptop also decides to jump lines, so sorry it I don't notice. It also has generated vertical yellow lines in the spaces?

Anyway, ah yes, I was cold in bed last night. It was freezing, even with 3 mogs on the bed!! I did not sleep well. But, come morning, I literally jumped out of bed. Yay. Didn't last long, though. Still...progress:o))) Hands were normal size...not double swollen.

We rescued last night's incinerated pud from the oven this morning.....sigh.....will need to soak the dish for months....sigh....

Tonight's pud was shop bought.

Still...look on the bright side.......We is still poor!!! lol

Son no 1 rings twice a day. He is sweet.....but we are often at loggerheads. We have an attitude problem....his.....although he would disagree on this point. He is a bit headstrong and can be a tad unsympathetic, blinkered and impatient. Anyway....he is NAGGING me to go see the quack (allopathic doctor) about the rickety joints. I do not trust them...sorry and would rather see a herbalist...but consultation fees are £100. Wary of seeing docs due to by-product of gallstones and watching my dad become addicted to painkillers and dying. So, herbal remedies I am going for...atm.

Today, Junior and I 'did' the last bit of the Romans, then World War 2, learning about so called socialists and what they can do to you. She see's similarities in today's lot of politicians..aka the government mp's.

Anyway, weren't they great...the Home Guard? My brother was born at the end of WW2. He knows EVERYTHING about it and collects books/dvd's/videos on the expert on Doom and Gloom, so to speak. If Junior decides to do an A level in it, she will be tutored to A* standard. He is Mr Happy-go-Lucky in real life...Mr Nice:o)) xx

Am chilling out with my new-found, pain-free hand joints.....Alisha's Attic on the cd player....has chilled out 7 cats so far!! lol

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