Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Parent and Animal Rights

Mother has moved.

New place is lovely.. three times the size of previous place, but still she manages to fill it with boxes and bags of stuff!!  All precious:o)))

Junior and I are pooped.  Days of ferrying to and fro of all her stuff...and having to cope with Mother's emotions..which are a bit fragile at the mo.   They, naturally, affect us too.

You see, she can't have pets at this place.  So, her cat is now living with us, even though he's an indoor mog.  Mother feels guilty and all that, seeing that 'he' adopted 'her' eight years ago, so he's getting on a bit.  But, she had to move for her health.  Council didn't give a stuff when she asked for a one bed place over and over again and they told her she could carry on living in a bedsit, even at 80 and to thank her lucky stars that she had a roof over her head!!   Some way to treat the elderly!!   Mother has been crying her eyes out non stop.    She says she can't get used to not having 'someone' there,  to talk to.  Tv and radio are not enough!  He was someone to hug and hold:o)))  Suffice it to say, I do not have a high opinion of that council at the moment.  They absolutely stink!!   

Anyway, Junior has taken over the mantle of 'New Owner'  Mother is paying her!!   lol.  So, she is spoiling 'new cat' rotten:o).  Trouble is, resident cats have sniffed out tuna and red salmon that Mother has provided for pampered cat.  They are not putting up with their usual 'up market' dried complete food and are demanding equal rights!!   lol   Mother's cat is residing in the kitchen for the mo and we are picking the right moment for introductions!!  But I can't help thinking that he would be completely harmless in Mother's new place, being an indoor type and very quiet.  It's such a shame.   Wish I could win the Lottery or something and make it right for her.

If I ever get to be God, I will ban all this unnecessary crap and rudeness and sack all nasty council officials!!

Rant over.

Not nice to witness your elderly parent crying nonstop.  It sucks big time.  Not right.


dottyspots said...

Oh Minnie! This is terrible! Why can't some people realise just how important pets are to people?

My mother has been so worried about Anton because it looks like things are changing for her. Atleast when he comes here, she'll be able to visit him regularly(it was awful when she moved years ago - going back to when I was about 19 - and had to rehome the cats and dog, there was nothing I could do at the time to help :( )

The housing system really infuriates me at times.

Minnie said...

Housing drives me mad too. More so the bods who sit in their glass houses in council-land HQ. They could have done more to help.